Who are we?

     We are nerdy, academic types who were sick of the lack of sufficiently interesting options for temporary tattoos.

What are temporary tattoos?

     Temporary tattoos are adhesive images that you apply to your skin. They are intended to look like real tattoos, but without the commitment.

Where are they made? Are they safe?

     All temporary tattoos sold here are made in the U.S.A. They are safe, non-toxic, use FDA certified colorants, and exceed U.S. safety standards for cosmetics and toy products.

How do I put them on?

     Remove the clear, plastic cover. Place image face down on skin. Completely moisten the back with a wet cloth. Press and hold for 20-30 seconds. Slowly Remove the paper back. Your skin should be free of lotions/oils. For best results, choose an area with little hair (or shave it).

How Long do they Last? Can they be removed?

     Anywhere from 1 to 4 days, depending on how much contact the tattoo gets, if the area is hair-free, how bold the design is, etc. They can be removed pretty easily at any time using rubbing aLcohol, hand sanitizor, tape, or simply by rubbing.

How much is shipping? when Will I get my order?

     Shipping anywhere in the U.S. is free for orders over $10 ($1 otherwise). Shipping to any other country is $5. Orders will be shipped within 2 business days via USPS. Domestic shipping should take 2-6 business days. Shipping times for international orders vary by country.

I'm a rad designer with nerdy ideas and interests. Can I contribute a design?

     Contact us using the link above.